mardi 15 janvier 2008

Les attentes sur l'i-Phone

Les rumeurs vont bon train à la veille de l'ouverture de l'Apple expo.

La source des rumeurs trouvée pour ce billet est à cette adresse.

Les grosses attentes selon moi sont relatives à la liste suivante :


  • Best iPod ever

  • Sales figures, market share

  • Sales beyond our wildest dreams

  • Much more than the 1% market share we asked for in January

  • Starting today: 8GB $399, 16GB $499

  • Four times the memory as original iPhone for the same price

  • iPhone is coming to Japan in March with NTT DoCoMo

  • SDK is unveiled!

iPhone/iPod Touch SDK

  • Apps and Widgets

  • Using Cocoa with Objective-C

  • Developers submit programs as source code, not executable

  • Specify iPhone or both iPhone/Touch (certain features iPhone only)

  • Set your own price: Apps $0-$6.99, Widgets $0-$2.99

  • Users buy/download in iTunes Wi-Fi Store / iTunes Store (Mac/PC)

  • Automatic updating wirelessly or docked

  • Demonstration of exporting from XCode 3 to iTunes Store

  • Submits source code to Apple for validation (make sure that people aren't abusing the system, prevent malware and viruses)

  • If using microphone or GSM, iPhone only; otherwise, available for both iPhone and iPod Touch

  • Apps can be free or up to $6.99; Widgets free or up to $2.99

  • Developers recieve 70% of revenue for their products

  • Licensed under Apple Mobile Software License

  • Can download wirelessly from iTunes Wi-Fi Store or docked to computer from iTunes Store

  • Demonstration of wirelessly downloading (and running) the app submitted earlier

  • Apps and widgets can be rearranged on front screen; front screen scrolls to show all apps/widgets

  • Resubmit updated versions of apps; when added to store, iPhone/Touch will ask you to update it next time you use it (or next time you dock the iPhone/Touch)

  • Developers can get their hands on a beta version of the SDK tomorrow on ADC and start developing; final version due early February

  • iTunes 7.6 and iPhone/iPod Touch Software update 1.3 allowing for Apps mid-February

Example apps/widgets

  • iChat (coming with 1.3 update) (AIM, Jabber/Google Talk)

  • RSS Feed Reader (coming with 1.3 update) (read feeds online or off)

  • One of our partners made something cool: (scrobble tracks played on iPhone/touch wirelessly without syncing w/ computer)


  • Dictionary (coming with 1.3 update) (quickly look up words, translate, use wikipedia)

  • Yellow/White Book (coming with 1.3 update) (search for contacts, add them to your address book directly from the app, will sync back with address book on your Mac/PC)

  • Sports Ticker (coming with 1.3 update) (choose your sports and teams, get updates on their progress)

  • Another partner: Twitter (update your Twitter on the fly, see your friends tweets)

  • Try these out on the show floor today

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