mercredi 8 octobre 2008

Maps sur Android

Il fallait s'y attendre, Maps est donc intégré dans le G1. Jusque là, je ne vois pas la nouveauté. Le fait le plus intéressant réside dans l'interaction avec les divers éléments du mobile (IM, contacts...).

Pour être bref et éviter la paraphrase, le potentiel des applications Google fusionnées dans Android se révèle très intéressant pour les développeurs, mais également pour les concepteurs qui doivent imaginer des produits autour de cet ensemble.

A voir : Official Google Mobile Blog

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Anonyme a dit…

hi john
if your interested in a follow up story to your earlier story on zzzphone in new york times please read this; you can call me at xxxxxxxxxx for more details. also we have the names of 3 MIT students who have been working summers for google android. they have been offered full time after post grad from MIT. the MIT android team were awarded $350,000 in the contest while our 4 submissions were thrown out. we have since applied for china and USA patents on our 4 software/hardware apps.
further we have been bad mouthed on the official google android blog , saying we are not recognized by google. while the android system is revolutionary and complements our revolutionary process of custom making each cell phone to each customers requirement,(including free uploading 3 android softwares of customers choice),it is anything except "open source"
as david killed goliath, we are beating google to worldwide markets (except we lose the first battle by 1 month in USA). and with a far superior, unlocked(really open sourced), 2 sim card phone. at less than half the true google phone price($179 plus $840 in extra t-mobile charges over 2 years) price.
to my knowledge only google and zzzphone are taking orders as of now.
our engineering team has 22 Chinese in shenzhen as opposed to the 1000s working in the "alliance" you can see the press release (attachment) and our phone at beta
larry horowitz, president